Short Games


Inspired by the song "Distance" by Christina Perri, Unrequited is a 2-page game evoking the feel of 80s movies like Some Kind of Wonderful. However, the story of being secretly in love with your best friend, while they are asking for your help in winning over their crush, is timeless. Unrequited first appeared in the Indie Mixtape Vol. 1, which you can still buy to support wonderful people in the indie games community who struggle with medical bills and similar issues.

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Originally written for the Golden Cobra contest, Patchwork is a game about siblinghood that bridges the gap between LARP and longform improvisational theater. Using warmups and techniques from improv but playing with the goals and sensitivities of a focused LARP, Patchwork guides players through a series of scenes between siblings of the Klein family. This creates a patchwork of moments that both shape and express their relationships.

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Published on  February 24th, 2015