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The Roleplaying Challenge Game
of Blood, Tattoos and the Hunt

You are an elite warrior who stalks the monstrosities
that threaten your tribe and savage your land.
With every tattoo inked in the blood of the beasts,
you claim more power.
With every kill, you prepare to face stronger foes.
Only the most skilled and
most cunning Beast Hunters survive.
Will you?
Game: Christian Griffen, Lisa Griffen
Art: Joanna Barnum
Layout: Fred Hicks

Note: We have released an optional 1.5 patch for Beast Hunters. You can see a list of changes and read all of Beast Hunters' rules in the 1.5 System Reference Document.

Also: check out the wiki for the next edition.

Set your wits and weapons against the deadliest of beasts. Challenge them, kill them, and use their blood in the ink of the tattoos commemorating your victory and in so doing, claim a portion of their power.

Beast Hunters is a roleplaying game that uses innovative mechanics for social, mental and physical conflicts. Through the power of your creativity, you have an unlimited array of actions and maneuvers at your disposal. The game includes many unique beasts with custom tattoo designs, adventure seeds, detailed advice for how to play and run the game, and more.

Beast Hunters features core rules focused on two-player groups and expanded rules for more players to join the Hunt.

Curious? Check out the play reports, below, and see how the game plays out. Click on the tattoo icons in the sidebar for a free demo, a sample chapter, and much more.

You can purchase PDF and book versions of the game at the following links, as well as from select local game stores:
Indie Press Revolution (Print, PDF, Bundle)
Lulu.com (Print, PDF)
RPGNow.com (PDF)

Play Reports
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Heart of Darkness
Beast Lunchers
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Experiences With More Than 2 Players
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"Beast Hunters is a near-perfect package of narrative storytelling, tactical conflict resolution, and easy-to-use rules."
Lukas Myhan,
RPG.net review.

"Beast Hunters has broken new ground."
Ron Edwards,
author of Sorcerer.

"Beast Hunters is an excellent RPG which I would highly recommend as an easier way into [indie games] or to anyone wanting a 2 player RPG."
Gametime Community

"The book is gorgeous and the artwork strongly evokes the tribal mood Beast Hunters strives for, but at the same time this game is perfectly suited to other genre with little modification."
C.W. Richeson,
RPG.net review.